Heroin is an extremely addictive drug with high potential for overdose and other adverse side effects. For those in need of heroin addiction treatment, a heroin detox treatment center in Kemah, TX, provides the support you need to safely manage your withdrawal symptoms of heroin to overcome your heroin addiction.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Programs

A heroin addiction treatment center provides a variety of addiction treatment programs and therapies that help you treat the underlying mental health conditions contributing to your addiction. Upon your admission, the addiction treatment staff will complete a mental health evaluation to determine a heroin addiction treatment plan in which you would best respond. Addiction treatment programs and therapies offered at a heroin addiction treatment center include:

  • Intake interview and addiction assessment
  • Medically supervised detox
  • Structured scheduling
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Recreation
  • Rehab Aftercare Program

Personalized Heroin Addiction Treatment

You need individualized treatment for your best potential in recovery. To create a program of personalized care, your treatment team must understand your unique needs. This learning takes place through your intake interview and addiction assessment.

In this interview, your treatment professionals ask specific questions to fully understand your addiction, mental health needs, medical history, and other facets of your lifestyle and condition. Many treatment centers also provide a medical exam, lab work, and a mental health exam as part of this assessment.

Medically Supervised Detox

Most people entering heroin rehab need to first go through withdrawal, for their body to cleanse the drugs from their system. This severe phase of treatment causes a wide range of flu-like symptoms. To help you feel comfortable and safe throughout the process of detox, your rehab providers or partners with a program providing medically supervised detox. For most people, acute heroin detox lasts about seven to 10 days, as the first phase of treatment.

Life at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Your heroin rehab center provides the support you need to overcome your addiction and regain control of your life. In recovery, a sense of routine is critical for preventing a repetition of the old pitfalls that took you into substance abuse. To form a healthy routine, your rehab treatment includes a clear, structured schedule. 

It is almost expected for you to resent the schedule at first. But you soon enjoy this sense of routine. A structured plan keeps you focused, busy, productive, healthy, and fulfilled.

Heroin Addiction Therapy Programs

Counseling and therapy play a pivotal role in your recovery. You must learn why you started abusing drugs to prevent relapse. You also must learn about the negative behavioral and thought patterns in your life that pull you down and stop your success. These counseling and therapy programs help you to understand why you abuse drugs, so you can make a lasting recovery :

Rehab Aftercare Programs 

A rehab aftercare program provides a connection between your rehab treatment and your new life in recovery. Even the strongest of individuals need occasional support or to revisit healthy methods of maintaining recovery. Your rehab aftercare program provides this ongoing support, whether for a limited time or throughout the rest of your life. Although most rehabs consider these services optional, find the support you need for your long term well-being.

Overcome Heroin Addiction at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

As said before, going into rehab is an intimidating time. But knowing some of these expectations helps you prepare for what comes next. Remember that entering a heroin addiction treatment center is your best life decision and paves the way for the future you truly want, one without heroin. Find the program that best suits your needs and call them for more information today.