Deciding to get help for addiction is difficult. You want to get it over with so you can get back to your family or rebuild your life. Yet, the truth is that this process takes time. Addiction treatment cannot be rushed, especially when you need to have comprehensive support and care.

What Is 90-Day Treatment?

It’s hard to think about leaving your friends, family, job, and life for ninety days. However, when you take that time to focus on yourself and your recovery, you build a stronger, healthier future. While this may seem like a large commitment, long-term rehab can mean everything to your family and friends for you to get through therapy so you can come home and live a better quality of life.

In 90-day treatment, you’ll spend more time working on yourself through therapy. Medication, psychotherapy, and holistic care are provided to you while you remain in inpatient treatment. Living at a Luxury New jersey Rehab Center focus on yourself, and develop new skills in the process.

Why Choose 90-Day Treatment?

Many people do not need inpatient Addiction treatment for an extended period. They are able to get home sooner. As long as you meet your goals and feel confident in yourself, you’ll be able to get back home. Yet, staying longer in extended treatment offers numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • You have more time to focus on your addiction goals.
  • Long-term rehab means spending more time learning how to remain sober.
  • You receive comprehensive care based on your needs on an ongoing basis.
  • An aspect of 90-day treatment is building new skills in communications as well as in repairing relationships.
  • You remove the distractions from your life so you can focus on recovery first.

For this period of time, your focus is on you and your addiction and helps you achieve a lasting recovery. Often residents that stay in a heroin rehab center for periods of 90 days or longer are less likely to relapse.

90-Day Treatment Also Helps Mental Health Needs

One of the most significant benefits of a 90-day treatment program is that it offers time to work on mental health needs. Many men and women battling addiction also struggle with depression, bipolar disorder, or past trauma. Until you work through those complications, it’s challenging to remain sober long-term. Yet, in long-term rehab, it is possible to work through those challenges.

Treatment programs for mental health take time. These programs often include both medications and psychotherapy. You don’t have to relive the trauma, but you do need tools to deal with it. That’s why dual diagnosis treatment, a type of therapy that focuses on both addiction and mental health, works so well.

90-Day Treatment Improves the Whole Body

At Alina Lodge, our team will encourage you to remain in inpatient treatment as long as it takes to learn to be sober. We treat you as a student, and you learn about your addiction, develop skills to keep mental health disorders under control, and build communications to enable you to get help when you need it.

To achieve long-term recovery, we use treatments such as:

You’ll be empowered to heal holistically as well as through mental health support.