Treating heroin addiction involves different steps such as therapy, medication, support groups, and making lifestyle changes. A person can get the personalized help they need from a heroin detox treatment center. Whether at an inpatient or outpatient heroin detox center, going through detox is the first step. Going through this process with a team of specialists improves their chances of overcoming this powerful drug.

Treating Withdrawal Symptoms at a Heroin Detox Treatment Center

Like other addictive drugs, heroin impacts a person’s reward system in the brain. When this occurs, their tolerance to the drug’s effect increases over time. Without higher doses, they will never reach to same “high.” When they stop using a heroin detox program, withdrawal symptoms take over.

Between six and 12 hours after their last dose, a person begins experiencing withdrawal. Often, symptoms feel like a horrible bout of the flu. Some common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

• Abdominal cramps
• Agitation
• Diarrhea
• Muscle aches
• Nausea and vomiting
• Sweating

These symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable. However, they are not usually life-threatening. Proper care from a heroin detox treatment center helps to lessen the effects. Trained professionals supervise and monitor a person’s progress throughout detoxification. Undoubtedly, heroin withdrawal is excruciating and can last for days or weeks. Therefore, a person should remain in an environment equipped to minimize their discomfort. The body needs time to readjust from heroin detox treatment slowly. Also, therapy is an essential part of a heroin detox program.

Benefits of a Heroin Detox Treatment Center

For most former heroin addicts, treatment from a heroin detox center was their lifesaver. Particularly, inpatient heroin detox treatment helped improve their chances of winning the battle. This is true because inpatient rehab and detox eliminates environmental and social factors. These outside influences make it harder for a person to achieve sobriety. During an inpatient heroin detox program, a person receives structured routines. According to their treatment plan, they may attend daily therapy sessions. They may also participate in support groups and other activities. While each heroin detox center is slightly different, each one encourages sobriety. Some focus on mental health and tackle co-occurring disorders like depression. Others include daily exercise by scheduling rock climbing.

Outpatient Heroin Detox Treatment Center

Generally, outpatient heroin detox treatment works for a person who cannot abandon outside responsibilities. Receiving effective treatment at this type of heroin detox center allows them to heal and keep their job. With outpatient treatment, a person can schedule work and home life around the demands of a heroin detox program. Another benefit is lower treatment costs to get clean. In most cases, heroin detox treatment in an outpatient setting is best for people with a mild addiction. Counselors at the heroin detox center make evaluations on a case-by-case basis. Doing so helps them determine the appropriate level of care a person needs.

Ongoing Treatment for Heroin Relapse Prevention

After completing a heroin detox program, a person needs ongoing treatment. Continuing with some form of care is crucial to staying sober. For some, this includes regular visits to their therapist to stay focused on abstaining from drug use. Additionally, ongoing therapy can help a person cope with heroin cravings. Therapists at the heroin detox treatment help a person identify and overcome weaknesses. Knowing their vulnerabilities exposes things that may trigger a relapse. Another important part of ongoing treatment is to continue taking prescribed medications. A person may need medical management to wean off heroin. If so, they should continue taking medications like buprenorphine. Otherwise, withdrawal symptoms may emerge. Discovering new hobbies and making new friends may help them avoid relapse. Boredom can make adjusting to a sober life difficult. By joining productive activities, a person becomes stronger.

Get the Help You Need Today

Treatment for heroin addiction is out there. By connecting with a heroin detox treatment center, you get to outline your specific needs. With this information, addiction specialists can help you develop a heroin detox program for overcoming. Don’t continue existing with heroin addiction. Your sober life begins with taking the first step into a heroin detox center today.