why you can't quit cold turkey

Do you wonder why you can’t quit heroin cold turkey? Do you fear being admitted into a opioid addiction treatment center or think you cannot afford this help? Have you tried quitting, but go back to your drug? Learn more about what you need to stop using heroin, so you can finally put your addiction behind you.

The Nature of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a harmful drug. Even in just a few uses, you start forming an addiction to it, despite its adverse effects. This hold affects every area of your life, changing who you are as a person and how you treat the world around you. If you have not already experienced big problems, you can expect a range of health, financial, relationship, social, and work issues because of heroin. 

That is the dark nature of heroin addiction. It makes you want another fix, despite knowing using only destroys your life. Even when you try to quit, heroin leads you back into despair. Even worse, if you try to quit and relapse, you can become an overdose statistic. This is why you cannot quit heroin cold turkey, and why you need help for recovery to begin. That help only comes from a licensed heroin withdrawal treatment center, also called detox. After detox, you need rehab treatment to learn how to avoid relapse.

What does heroin treatment include?

Heroin treatment includes at least two steps: Detox and rehab. This Texas heroin detox program helps you get through the symptoms of heroin withdrawal comfortably and safely. This first stage of therapy also prepares you for rehab, where your real recovery learning takes place. Detox helps you physically heal from your drug, whereas rehab enables you to stay well as part of psychological healing.

In a Texas heroin addiction treatment center, you go through multiple levels of care and several types of therapy. Therapy helps you understand your addiction, such as why you started abusing drugs and how to prevent relapse. In therapy, you also learn about any co-occurring mental health conditions you suffer and how to stay well for the long-term recovery you only dream of today.

You can achieve the life you want through these programs. Detox and rehab work together toward that goal of ongoing health and happiness. Because you are a unique individual, this treatment suits your very individual needs. 

Programs and therapies to look for in heroin treatment include:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Residential, inpatient, PHP, IOP or OP rehab
  • Aftercare, alumni programs, and sober living
  • MAT treatment programs
  • Behavioral therapies like CBT, DBT, and EMDR
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Why You Can’t Quit Heroin Cold Turkey

You know that heroin makes you sick when you space doses too far apart or skip a dose. Imagine these ill feelings and many other symptoms hitting you all at once, with no help in sight. Add to these miserable flu-like symptoms other effects, such as hunger, thirst, sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety, and aggression, and you quickly see how bad you can feel during withdrawal.

At home, you do not have access to people who know how to take care of you during withdrawal. In detox, you get the support you need to feel much better through these symptoms. This support includes medical supervision, nutritious food, ongoing hydration, and helpful medications to keep you stable, calm, and comfortable. 

Also, when you do not have support, such as during at-home or cold turkey withdrawal, you risk relapse. Heroin relapse kills thousands of people each year. This is not a risk you should take. You want a better life, not to lose your chance for that life, altogether.

If you fear not being able to afford treatment, put those fears aside. Today’s treatment professionals understand your plight and have the answers you need for how to pay for treatment. You can afford help when you have the right information and support. 

Take the Right Steps for a Better Life

Regardless of where you live, affordable help for your heroin addiction exists. With this help and the support you need, you can put heroin abuse behind you for the life you want. Take the right steps toward that better life. Understand why you can’t quit heroin cold turkey and reach out to a licensed heroin detox center, instead.